The DRI-2 has been administered to over 1.85 million DUI/DWI offenders and that number continues to grow. The DRI-2 is mandated by state law in Florida, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Illinois, (1 of 2 approved tests), Nebraska, New Hampshire, and Connecticut. And when a state has a small list of approved DUI/DWI tests the DRI-2 is often one of the select few. The DRI-2 is a popular DUI/DWI offender screening test.

The Reinstatement Review Inventory II (RRI-II) is a test that is used to screen applicants applying for reinstatement of their driverís license after it has been suspended or revoked.

Two Driving Tests: The DRI-2 and the Reinstatement Review Inventory-II. To begin your search click on the link that is of interest to you.

Driver Risk Inventory-2 Reinstatement Review Inventory II DUI/DWI Offender Test